House Special served with rice

H1 Orange Chicken

Deep-fried breaded chicken with steamed vegetables, topped with orange sauce.


H2 Pad Krapao

A real Thai classic Pad Krapao (basil stir fry) topped with or served over a crispy fried egg with a slightly runny yolk.


H3 Seafood Pad Cha

Combination of seafood with bell peppers, snow peas, ginger, bamboo shoots, and carrots, topped with red curry sauce.


H4 Sweet and Sour Fish

Deep fried Tilapia fillet with carrots, bell peppers, pineapples, and tomatoes, topped with Tamarind chili sauce.


H5 Jungle Fish

Deep fried Tilapia fillet with green beans, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, carrots, lemon grass, and basil leaves, topped with red


H6 Hot Basil Fish

Deep fried Tilapia fillet with red peppers, green peppers, onions, green beans, carrots, and hot basil, topped with House Spicy Sauce.


H7 Tamarind Duck

Half crispy duck, boneless, with onions, carrots, bell peppers, ginger, and pineapple, topped with Tamarind sauce.


H8 Duck Choo Chee

Half-roasted duck, boneless, in coconut milk with broccoli, carrots, red peppers, snow peas, and lime leaves, topped with
Choo Chee sauce.


H9 BBQ Duck

Half-roasted duck (boneless) in coconut milk topped with snow peas, tomatoes, grapes, pineapple, bell peppers, and basil,
topped with red curry sauce


H10 Crispy Chicken Hot Basil

Crispy chicken stir-fried with green beans, broccoli, onions, carrots, and hot basil, served in Spicy House Sauce.


H11 Garlic Chicken

Sautéed chicken in garlic sauce with broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and peppers.


H12 Four Kings Party

The meeting of pork, shrimp, chicken, and beef bathed with our house sauce.